Dr. Jacques MATHIEU


Dr. Mathieu holds a BSc in Biology from George Mason University and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Rice University, where he completed his studies in 2011.

Subsequently, he worked as a Research Scientist at Rice where he worked on developing novel methods for microbiome engineering, with a focus on the use of bacteriophages. He has founded multiple startups, including Sentinel Environmental which he currently leads.


Rice University
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sentinel Environmental


USA 🇺🇸 


Phage-Based Feed Additives to Prevent Bovine Liver Abscesses and Enhance Animal Performance

In the US, beef cattle feedlots commonly use antibiotic feed additives, such as tylosin and virginiamycin, to prevent liver abscesses, which can cause significant economic losses and animal welfare concerns.

Ionophores, such as monensin, are also routinely provided to enhance feed efficiency and improve animal performance.

However, growing public and regulatory pressure to curb the proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria has prompted a need to reduce or eliminate their use.

As an alternative, our group is working on bacteriophage-based feed additives that target Fusobacterium necrophorum, the primary cause of bovine liver abscesses, and Streptococcus bovis complex bacteria with the aim of reducing or eliminating the dependence on antibiotic feed additives.