Dr. Laura Greiner is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University. She currently focuses 50% of her time on extension, with the remaining time divided between teaching undergraduate students about swine production and conducting research.

She currently has 4 graduate students with her main research focused around gilt and sow development and reproduction associated with nutrition and disease. Prior to starting at Iowa State University, she spent 13 years at Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions where she served as the Director of Research and oversaw a research program that had 6,000 sow research spaces, 4,800 wean to finish spaces and a private Biosafety level 2 facility. She is passionate about the nutrition of the reproductive female and also educating the next generation of animal scientists.

Iowa State University, Animal Science

USA 🇺🇸


Understanding the Maternal Microbiome

The microbiome within an animal has the ability to influence not only enteric disease resistance and nutrition absorption at the gut level, but also plays an important role in regulating metabolism and system disease resistance. Nutrition has a large role in the gut microbiome and the populations within. Furthermore, there is significant opportunity for maternal influence immediately after birth. This presentation will discuss the role of maternal influence can play a role in microbiome and disease regulation.