Prof Trevisi is a Researcher on animal feeding nutrition and management. He is Vice-president of the EAAP study commission on pig.

Prof. Trevisi’s research have as primary focus the improvement of the sustainability and the circularity of the pig food chain by developing innovative feeding and management strategies.

The key objective is to reduce the dependency of pig production on the use of antibiotics and the pharmacological level of Zinc oxide and Copper.

The associate research topics are:

  1. develop feeding concept based on low dietary crude protein and alternative protein sources to increase the sustainability of the diet
  2. Define strategies to improve the gut health and prevent dysbiosis in piglets
  3. Refine the knowledge on the role of nutrient on the physiological development of the young animals.
Department of Agri-Food Science and Technology, University of Bologna

Italy 🇮🇹 


The force of nutrition to positively influence gut health