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DAY #1

October 3rd, 2023
Starts 08:00am to 08:00pm CET

DAY #2

October 4th, 2023
Starts 08:00am to 08:00pm CET


Clementine MARIEN
Phone : ‭+33 6 33 26 76 59‬

October 3rd – Tuesday

08:00 • 5′


08:05 • 20′

The importance of microbiota and the role of microorganisms
Dr Mickael Boyer - Lesaffre Institute of Science & Technology

Dr. Mickael Boyer

08:25 • 40+5′

Chicken and Environmental Microbiota

Dr. Ivan Rychlik
Veterinary Research Inst. of Brno, Czech Republic

09:10 • 40+5′

Microbiota profiling by next-generation sequencing
Dr Hugo Roume - Lesaffre Institute of Science & Technology

Dr. Hugo Roume
Lesaffre International Science & Technology

09:55 • 40+5′

Unravelling the gut mucosal-microbiota interplays in salmonid gut during challenging times: the role of dietary modulation to boost fish resistance

Dr. Ana Teresa Gonçalves
SPAROS, Portugal

10:40 • 40+5′

Leveraging rumen microbiome

Dr. Soumya Kanti Kar
Wageningen Livestock Research, The Netherlands

11:25 • 25+5′

The effect of yeast-derived β-glucans in reducing the adverse outcome of Lawsonia intracellularis in finishing pigs

Dr. Lamya Rhayat - Phileo by Lesaffre

Dr. Lamya Rhayat
Phileo by Lesaffre

11:55 • 25+5′

Unveiling the fundamental principles of the gut-lung axis to amplify mucosal immunity in avian species.

Dr. Rodrigo Guabiriba
INRAe, France

12:25 • 5′

Housekeeping message



14:00 • 40+5′
Development of reliable biomarkers for monitoring gut health in poultry

Prof. Gunther Antonissen
University of Ghent, Belgium

14:45 • 25+5′

Yeast probiotics and their remarkable impact on the chicken microbiota

Dr. Maria Terra-Long
Phileo by Lesaffre

15:15 • 40+5′
Phenotype switching in vibrio

Prof. Peter Bossier
Ghent University, Belgium

16:00 • 25+5′
GI microbiota & Immunity in dogs

Dr Juan Hernandez
INRAe Micalis, France

16:30 • 40+5′
Understanding engraftment in human fecal transplant studies and the challenges in design of therapeutic microbial communities

Prof. Michael Surette
McMaster University, Canada

17:15 • 40+5′

Microbiota and Host interaction – Transition Cow Dogma

Prof. Lance Baumgard
Iowa State University, USA

18:00 • 40+5′
Interaction between the gut microbiome, environment and immune response

Prof. Luis Felipe Caron
UFPR, Brazil

18:45 • 40+5′
Application of culturomics for revealing the therapeutic potentials of livestock microbiota

Dr. Hooman Derakhshani
University of Manitoba, Canada

19:30 • 25+5′
Understanding the maternal microbiome

Dr. Laura Greiner
Iowa state University, USA

20:00 • 5′
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October 4th – Wednesday

08:00 • 5′
Welcome + housekeeping
08:05 • 25+5′
Exploring the unique gut microbiome of superior feed efficiency cattle

Dr. Ahmed Elolimy
NRC Egypt

08:35 • 25+5′
Boosting beneficial microbial diversity in poultry with postbiotic

Dr. Alain Riggi
Phileo by Lesaffre

09:05 • 40+5′

Impact of probiotics on Lawsonia intracellularis infection and the gut microbiome

Prof. Tanja Opriessnig
Moredun Research Institute, UK
09:50 • 25+5′

In vitro gut models as a powerful platform for microbiome research in animal nutrition and health

Prof. Stéphanie Blanquet-Diot
Univ. de Clermont-Ferrand, France

10:20 • 40+5′
Holobiont concept: how gut health can impact environment, climate change and agriculture sustainability

Dr. Elizabeth Santin
Advisor for Research, Development and Sustainability, Brazil

11:05 • 25+5′
SARA: exploring individual susceptibility and the microbiota role

Dr. Damiano Cavallini
Bologna University, Italy

11:35 • 40+5′
Microbiome data from worldwide ruminants are biased and unFAIR, limiting microbiome targets for improving sustainable production

Dr. Abimael Ortiz-Chura

12:20 • 25+5′
Next Generation Microbiome research: effect of strict anaerobic and keystone bacteria on gut microbiome modulation.

Dr. Ccori Martinez Tupia
Lesaffre International Science & Technology

12:50 • 5′
housekeeping message



14:00 • 40+5′
Salmonella Mechanisms of Persistence in Gut

Dr. Michael Kogut

14:45 • 40+5′

Microbiome solutions: intervention opportunities to improve neonatal calf health and performance

Prof. Leluo Guan
University of Alberta, Canada

15:30 • 25+5′
The importance of including an ecological perspective when investigating bovine liver abscesses and bovine respiratory disease

Dr. Lee J. Pinnell
Texas A & M university, USA

16:00 • 25+5′
Modulation of intestinal microbiota in dog by yeast probiotic

Dr. Achraf Adib-Lesaux
Phileo by Lesaffre

16:30 • 25+5′
Interaction between microbiota and host response in domestic animals
Prof. Giacomo Rossi - University of Camerino - Italy

Prof. Giacomo Rossi
University of Camerino, Italy

17:00 • 40+5′
Exploring the Potential of Dietary Algal Biomass and Their Impacts on Ruminal Metabolism and the Microbiome.

Dr. Richard Roberto Lobo Univesrsity of Florida, USA

17:45 • 40+5′
Phage-Based Feed Additives to Prevent Bovine Liver Abscesses and Enhance Animal Performance

Dr. Jacques Mathieu
Rice Univesrsity, USA

18:30 • 40+5′
Faecal microbiota shift during weaning transition in piglets

Prof. Paolo Trevisi
University of Bologna, Italy


Wrap up / take home messages
Dr Gildas Joalland

Dr. Gildas Joalland


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